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This blog post is just meant to introduce BOTH sides of a ‘Group/Organization’ that is being promoted in Toronto and all over the world. They often use a Chinese dialect in their chants/mantras (Cantonese maybe?). Please investigate them yourself, if you feel the need. JOIN if you feel called.  Information is power. There are many types of teachings, beliefs and Spiritual Practices available to learn and practice in any community. This is information about the ‘LOVE PEACE HARMONY‘ organization that practices ‘Divine Healing Hands’ ‘Soul Healing’ ‘Tao Wellness Transmissions’ ‘Tao Calligraphy’ and the Soul Song “Lu La Lu La Li ” , and various other teachings and practices, founded and promoted by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha.
From Website:
On September 10, 2005, Master Sha asked the Divine for a song for his Divine Mission. He immediately received ‘Love, Peace and Harmony'(Lu La Lu La Li) in the Divine’s Soul Language:By 2020, we hope to inspire 1.5 BILLION PEOPLE to sing Love, Peace and Harmony for 15 MINUTES every day

Before singing the ‘Love, Peace and Harmony'(Lu La Lu La Li) song, Spirits and Souls are invoked and asked to join and witness. Then the song is repeated many times, producing a ‘trance-like’ state, and a ‘Channeled Soul Language’ is repeated.

Are We SURE of this melody and words was/is  100% Divine? What ENTTIES /SPIRITS/SOULS (positive/negative) may be invited/invoked and sung to in a ‘strange’ language? We SHOULD be concerned! We should only accept proven/investigated Pure/Divine/positive practices and teachings into this community. There is LOTS of , recruitment, and ‘questionable-healing-techniques’ involved in this group, among them “karma cleansing”, “soul transplants” and ‘Divine Healing Hands’.

What IF the SOURCE/LANGUAGE/INTENTION is NOT-pure, NOT-divine, dark,possibly malicious, as CAN happen, even if this Group’s intentions are good, but they MAY be wrong?Some of Dr Sha’s Healing/surgery Methods do NOT have proven results are definitely publicly  open to question/authenticity, so why not the ‘Source’ of his powers/channeling and ‘Soul Song?      Soul Language with ‘interpretations’

=A Soul Operation


Divine/Channeled messages HAVE been mistakenly interpreted before!— 1.5 Billion people will be invoking What/Who/Where? Am i the only one who is concerned and is warning caution?
Quote from Dr. Sha‘ : “In April, 2003 God appeared to me, as a light being, who was short and handsome, in a human form (seen by his 3rd eye).
I was shared a Universal Law and was told that if one offers unconditional service with out asking anything, they will receive unlimited blessings and rewards. Then God smiled and disappeared into the heaven. Then in July, 2003, in Toronto, God appeared again, told me to offer Healing, become a vessel of the Divine, and that He would do the Job.
“God is with me wherever i go.Even i sit in the airplane, God is here above my head. God said to ‘offer my Soul Transplant to every human being on mother earth.”
—–>>( my opinion…at $2,000-$5,000 per transplant, that’s a LOT of $$)—

I have witnessed the ‘trance-like’ manner in which this song is being sung. What IF the SOURCE/LANGUAGE of this song/message was NOT divine. Regardless of Dr Sha’s belief, what IF the source is NOT from ‘God’, or un-pure, malevolent, etc.We only have his word/interpretation to go on, and being mis-lead or mistaken is a natural, human occurance. During and after chanting/singing this song, one can EASILY be in a very ‘SUGGESTIVE‘ state of mind, especially if there are TRUSTING and VULNERABLE people participating. This concerns me, as i believe it should concern others. Also the fact that it is VERY difficult to find negative-contrary information about this Group, and that there IS money involved, there IS recruiting, there IS devotion to a ‘Master’ and there ARE published doubts about the authenticity of DR Sha’s Healing Abilities, has led me to advise others to be aware and SHARE this information.

My beliefs are NON-denominational. My intention is to inform and to make available information so that an INFORMED and CAUTIOUS choice can be made concerning this group/organization. It is NOT meant to be malicious towards this Group/Organization. ALSO, in my opinion, the Divine Healing Hands practice MAY open up channels of Spirits/Entities that ARE welcomed/invited OR UN-welcomed/UN-invited.

A Group that is ‘labeled’ a Cult, or has ‘cult-like‘ properties, is not necessarily bad/evil/dangerous. Same goes for having a ‘Master‘ or ‘Guru‘. BUT, historically, there have been  many positive/helpful and negative/dangerous examples of both. I advise caution regarding ANY Group/Practice/Belief that is not 100% clear on its TRUE intentions or end-game, and hope that the ‘Source’ of its Belief System is easily recognizable and hopefully coming from a place of proven Unconditional Love and positivity. If I have helped promote and introduce new Members to this Group/Organization, so be it. My intention is only to inform and educate.

In Toronto, Steve Reiss, a noticeably kind and good-intentioned person, but who seems quite ‘caught up’ in this Group,  has often been observed approaching many people, mostly in the ‘conscious community’, and among them, quite  a few ‘vulnerable-appearing’ younger woman and invite/recruit? them to visit his group on Friday evenings, or attend events/gatherings and he is vigorously  introducing the “Lu La Lu La Li” Soul Song into the Toronto ‘Conscious Community’.
I hope and am concerned that only ‘beneficial Energy’ or Positive Soul Entities’ are being invoked and called upon, and will leave it to other people to pass on/share any information or warnings about this Group/Organization, both positive or negative, if you want. Please COPY/PASTE or re-post this, if you want.

———————Google Dr Sha Cult———

Divine Karma Cleansing-a 1 minute process that costs close to $1,000

–‘soul’ transplants of vital organs–$2,000
computerized and downloadable soul, selling flash drives for spirits and $5,000 soul transplant requests from the author’s professional assistants”

–He claims to be able to wipe our your past karma, to prevent future illness, to replace organs in your body, to send “downloads” over the phone. These services cost $200 up to $2,000 and more.

-Master Sha is offering Zhi Gang Sha Soul Rainbow Light Ball and Soul Rainbow Liquid Spring for Divine Financial Blessing for the first time in his Sunday Divine Blessings teleconference on January 22 and January 29 only. It is valued at $1,000 per transmission. For this two-week period only, it will be available at the very special price of $500 per transmission.

— “I understand there are two ways to participate in the book campaign as a part of the Soul Healing and Enlightenment Retreat Webcast:o I may participate in the 180 Rainbow Divine Soul Energy Matter Treasures for a $2000 commitment in books.· I acknowledge that there will be no refunds for books purchased and no cancellation of this agreement.
–Some people were charged $3,000 for “Karma” cleansing that was done in a group session.
–cleaning for relationships for $1,500
–prosperity for $1,500
–ancestor cleaning for $3,000 and cleaning for both your mothers ancestors, your fathers ancestors, and your past lives at $3,000 each so some of the participants could have payed over $15,000 to have Master Sha clean them in a group of about 40. No individual attention!!
–I see that one of my Mentors of Scam, Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, has turned some quick bucks by simply using high-tech vocabulary to describe his bogus hand flutterings as “Soul Downloads” and “Spiritual Software Install”. He just throws around words like hard drive and bandwidth mixed up with standard New Age medicine jargon”,57321,page=1

<<<<“Most of his students come and go once they run out of money. A few hand full are still around but the organization depends on new bank accounts to feed on. I believe Dr. Sha believes he is doing the right thing which is what makes him so convincing to his students. He literally told us all he was Jesus at one retreat and told a small group he was literally GOD at another. I am dumb-founded that I continued to say in after hearing these things. I could go on and on with many stories.
I share to protect the innocent. I pray for Dr. Sha and all his students that the truth be illuminated once and for all.”>>>>
<<<<“Dr Sha makes outrageous claims and charges large amounts of money. He claims to be able to wipe our your past karma, to prevent future illness, to replace organs in your body, to send “downloads” over the phone. These services cost $ 200 up to $ 2,000 and more.”>>>>
<<<<“· I understand there are two ways to participate in the book campaign as a part of the Soul Healing and Enlightenment Retreat Webcast:
o I may participate in the 180 Golden Divine Soul Energy Matter Treasures for a $1500 commitment in books.
o I may participate in the 180 Rainbow Divine Soul Energy Matter Treasures for a $2000 commitment in books.”>>>>
<<<<“- Divine Protection against every imaginable hazard
– clear your Karma for $2000. just like that – no followup or practice or nothing…even Dr, Sha calls it a “short cut”
– Transplants for diseased organs
Body Soul Transplant for $5000 (not explicitly listed in the web site, but it is a prerequisite, among others, to be come a Master Teacher Healer)”>>>>

<<<<Dr Sha cult – Get Refund – Warn Others
How to get your money back.
1. Contact your credit card company.
Demand a refund. Inform  them that services were never delivered and that services promised were a fraud. There is no documentation that Sha or his group can supply that can confirm that any services were ever delivered. No physical evidence for Download or Divine Financial Blessing or whatever.
2. Contact your State Attorney General Consumer Protection and Fraud Division
It is clearly fraud – see # 1 above.
3. Start a Class Action Law Suit
Contact a Class Action Legal Firm. There have been enough victims of this cult and fraud to start a class action suit. Amazon and Borders Books and New York Times can be co-defendants because they have been credentialing Sha as a #1 best seller when in fact cases of books are bought by his followers and shipped to a warehouse in CA.
4. Contact the Better Business Bureau
Let your local business bureau know about this group and it’s efforts to defraud. It will create a permanent stain for them as a business.>>>>

<<<<“This website has been created because Zhi Gang Sha cult members work many hours a day removing all online commentaries of Zhi Gang Sha. This site has been created to give cult members, their families and friends, and community members a full insider view of how this cult works.”>>>>

++++++++Master Sha – Cult Leader & Scam Artist?++++++++
<<<<“Yes, Dr Sha is a flim flam man.
I attended his workshop here in Atlanta. I was appauled at the blatant promotion of his books. He claimed to put 68 golden Buddhas in his first book so that everyone that bought it today could take these Buddhas home with them.
I am a Hypnotist and the persistant use of hypnotic techniques to sell his products was frightning. He even gave you a personal bar code so that your credit card number could be on file and all they had to do to charge you for product that he pushed during the program was to run your bar code.”>>>>
<<<<“Lets just say this: it involves over $200k to Dr Sha and an especially yet needlessly difficult death (all medical treatment avoided in lieu of ‘downloads’….Dr Sha capitalizes on western fear of death afterall)”>>>>
<<<<“If you have a family member who becomes involved, it will be sad. You will lose them to the cult. They will spend hours per day on the phone getting ‘downloads’ and training. They will attend retreats spending thousands of dollars with little time to eat and sleep. They will be brainwashed by this man and his followers.”>>>>

>>>>“There seems to be a pattern of manipulation within Sha’s teachings that can be seen as form of mind control to gain undue influence.”>
<<<<“He’s here for one thing: to make money from others suffering. He’s very skilled at mind control and has a number of people, his followers, under the delusion that he’s a being more powerful than God,”>>>>
<<<<“I went to a seminar with Master Sha in Europe. And I was totally shocked. He is so greedy and manipulative. Scares the s… out of people by telling them that they will die if they don´t clear karma with him! I spent almost 3,000 Euros on Karma Cleansing that weekend and other Downloads and when I think of that now I also feel a little bit embarrassed,”>>>>

<<<<” I am a former student of Master Sha’s. Master Sha threatened us by telling us that bad things would happen to us if we ever talked against him.”>>>>

<<<<“But I wasn’t surprised to see that many of the people who are posting on this site, which is dedicated to alerting the public to the dangers of Master Sha, call his “movement” a cult. If what these posters say is true – that he sends his lawyers after anyone who criticizes what he’s doing – then I would have to concur because silencing critics is one of the chief characteristics of an authentic cult.”>>>>

———————–On Line Videos——————————

=A Soul Operation


At 8:00 min- The Chanting of “Master sha” is used to ‘heal’,  which may cause some people concern, as the invocation is not from a ‘higher’ source,  just Dr Sha.


At 15:10, when Master Sha asks the deaf lady, “Can you hear me?”, she shakes her head to say no. Curious.?(Posted in a Comment)


The ‘Lu La Lu La Li‘ song, and at 1:50 min “We Love You Master Sha” which is VERY ‘devotional’ and important to watch
Video with a 9yr old-“i chant it everyday. Sometimes i chant it all the time. My sister taught it to me, i taught it to my brother and my whole family chants it together.”